About Bartram 100s
You will have 32 hours to complete this amazing race. Please arrive early to get your race packet.

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Bartram 100s
December 14 - 15, 2013
Race Registration


This year's race starts on December 14 at 7 a.m. The race will end 32 hours later on December 15. Runners who register by November 20, 2013 will receive a race shirt. Registration is CLOSED.

More information can be found at UltraSignup.com.
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The Bartram 100s is a 100 mile footrace with a 100K option. Runners who complete at least 100K but less then 100M will have their 100K time recorded in the results. Please inform an event official if you drop from the race.
We will need volunteers to help at the aid stations and possibly for set-up and course preparation. If interested in a volunteer opportunity, please contact us.